2 Tips For Choosing A Towing Service For Your Long Distance Tow

When you consider towing services you automatically think of short distance tows. However, if your car happens to break down when you are out of town or you want to move your car out of state, then you may need a long distance tow service. Towing your car over a short distance may be easier to do because there is a lower chance of something going wrong. However, if you need your car towed from one state to the next, then it is important to choose your tow service wisely. This can be difficult to do on such short notice. Luckily, there are a few tips that will help you to choose a tow service for your long distance tow.

Look for a Tow Service That Does Not Use a Car Dolly

A car dolly is ideal for tows that are performed under a short distance. However, a car dolly can result in extensive damage to your car if it is used for a long distance tow. A car dolly involves elevating two of your wheels while the other two are touching the ground. After a while, the rear tires while begin to lose tread and may eventually pop due to excess weight placement on the tires that are touching the ground. Having to fix your tires after your car has been towed is another expense that can mess up your budget. Therefore, before agreeing to a tow company, always ask them if they plan to use a car dolly to tow your car. You should only consider companies that use car carries. These devices elevate all of the tires on your car off of the ground in order to ensure a safe tow.

Consider the Vehicle That You Plan to Tow

Towing a small car is completely different than towing an RV over a long distance. Therefore, it is not a good idea to assume that every towing company has the ability to tow your vehicle over a long distance. Some towing services specialize in what are called heavy tows. This can include anything from a bus to an RV. On the other hand, some towing services may only have equipment that is suitable for towing cars, SUVs, and other smaller vehicles. In addition, some towing services may be able to handle heavier tows but they can only perform short distance tows. Therefore, it is important to look for a towing service that can not only handle your vehicle but also has the equipment necessary to pull it over a long distance.

Trying to find a company for your long distance tow can be overwhelming. Therefore, use these tips to help make the process easier. To get started, talk to a professional like Michael's Towing & Recovery.