Ways To Cover The Cost Of A Tow

When your car breaks down, you likely are already dreading the repair bill. Yet there is another charge you have to cover before you ever arrive at the mechanics – the tow. Fortunately there are ways to help you cover the emergency roadside service that you need when your car breaks down. Below are a few options to explore before you call in the tow truck.

Check your insurance

Many insurance policies come with roadside assistance, which includes towing. If your policy offers this, your insurance card will likely have a roadside assistance number printed on it for you to call. In some cases, you may be able to save the receipt from the tow and get reimbursed afterward, as well. This works well if you have already paid for the tow before you realize it is a covered service on your insurance plan.

Call your dealership

If you recently purchased a new car from a dealership, you may have free towing to the dealership. This is especially helpful if the repair is warranty work that will need to be completed at the dealership. Some new cars also come with a short one- or two-year general roadside assistance plan, which may provide you with free or reduced fee towing to the mechanic of your choice. Call the dealership to find out.

Look at your credit card benefits

Credit cards often offer a lot of benefits to encourage you to use the card. One common benefit is limited roadside service. There are usually exclusions, such as a mileage cap, and you will have to use the card to pay for the tow. This is because in most cases, you are reimbursed after the fact. Still, it is a good way to get a discount on the tow.

Ask for discounts

Some tow companies offer discounts to certain groups. This could be a service member or senior citizen discount, or discounts offered to members of certain professional clubs or credit unions. There are even sometimes cash discounts for those willing to pay cash instead of using a credit card. It doesn't hurt to ask if there is a discount available. If you have the ability, you may even want to check with an organization you belong with to see if they list any towing or roadside services as a member benefit before calling in a tow company.

For more help, contact a local towing service.