Can't Get into Your Own Home? What to Do When People Block Your Driveway

When you live in the city, parking can be difficult to come by. That's why you do what you can to protect the space in front of your home. When you live on a public road, there's nothing you can do about people parking in front of your home. However, it's another story when they start parking in front of your driveway. If someone is making a habit of blocking your driveway, it's time to take matters into your own hands. Here are four things you can do if you can't get into your driveway.

Ignore the Problem

If you've got someone who blocks your driveway from time to time, you can always ignore the problem. Parking in the street, or gingerly maneuvering past the errant car, can help you avoid hostility in the neighborhood. However, it's not always possible to ignore the problem, especially if you'd like to use your own driveway. If your neighbor has made it a habit of blocking your driveway, you might need to stop ignoring the problem.

Talk to Your Neighbors

If the problem is turning into a frequent issue, it's time to talk to the neighbors. They might not realize that they're preventing you from using the driveway. Or, the offending driver may be a guest at they're home, and your neighbors aren't aware of the problem. Either way, talking to your neighbors may help alleviate the problem so that you can start using your own driveway again.

Post a Warning

If the issue of people blocking your driveway has gotten out of hand, and talking to your neighbors hasn't helped, you'll need to post a warning. Posting a visible warning sign, alerting people to the fact that you're going to start having their cars towed, should stop the problem in its tracks. It's important that you post the warning sign before you start having cars towed away though. You don't want to get in trouble with the law when your neighbors start complaining.

Call the Tow Company

If the warning sign hasn't helped, and people are still blocking your driveway with your cars, it's time to contact a tow company. Let them know that you'll be having cars towed from in front of your home. The next time a car blocks your driveway, wait the allotted time displayed on your warning sign, and then call blocked driveway towing services. Once people realize that you're serious, they'll stop blocking your driveway.