Towing Your Car And Saving What's Inside The Vehicle's Trunk

Cars break down at the worst times. Drivers might find themselves involved in an accident even in the best of traffic conditions. Despite all the stress associated with disabled vehicles, at least you know a towing company can take the car to the nearest garage. What happens when you have important, expensive items in the trunk? Someone transporting costly merchandise might worry about additional damage during the tow. Likely, such worries may be unnecessary. The tow driver could accommodate you and your belongings in some way.  

Tow Drivers Secure a Vehicle

Few people take the time to look closely at how a tow truck secures cargo in place. A vehicle placed in the bed of a tow truck ends up secured in place thanks to heavy chains. Whatever is in the truck won't likely move around much. Trucks without a bed may present some concerns, though. Towing a vehicle behind the truck leaves the rear wheels in contact with the ground leaving the car in an angled position. The contents of the trunk aren't necessarily in any dire trouble. 

Ask the Tow Truck Driver

Keeping quiet about concerns over the trunks contents -- or any concerns -- might lead to problems. Tow truck drivers don't solely focus on transporting a vehicle. A genuinely professional tow truck driver also works to help the vehicle's owner. So, don't feel that you are imposing when expressing concerns about what's inside the trunk. The driver could calm your nerves by explaining the contents can't move around much when towed. The driver might even reveal he/she has access to packing materials. Putting a cargo blanket intended for buffering and protection on top or around things may curtail any damage.

Privacy Concerns Addressed

You may prefer to avoid telling the tow truck driver how valuable the belongings are. You probably don't need to convey such information. Tell the driver about how delicate or fragile the contents are. Only convey crucial info. Why go into details beyond what the driver needs to know to move things safely. 

Removing the Contents

Calling someone to come to your location and remove the contents could be an option. Calling a friend right after contacting the tow truck company allows them to, possibly, get there before the tow truck. Even if the tow truck driver arrives first, the tow truck driver may afford you extra time. Use the time to clear out the trunk.