5 Things To Ask A Long Distance Tow Service

Whether you need to move your car across the country or transfer a classic car to a show across the state, an auto towing service can provide a safe alternative over driving the vehicle yourself. There are a few things you should check with the towing service about first, though, before hiring the driver.

1. Truck Type

A tow-behind style truck typically leaves two wheels of your vehicle on the ground when towing. This is not a suitable choice for a long-distance tow, as it will put wear and tear on the car and tires. Instead, hire a tow service that provides flatbed towing or one that uses multi-car flatbed decks. The car will be off the road and will suffer no wear and tear during transport. It is also less likely to be damaged by other vehicles on the road or in a parking lot.

2. Cost Per Mile

Towing is usually charged per mile, whether you are being towed across town or across the state. There may also be a hook-up or initial fee charged in addition to the per-mile charge. Shop around to different services and request quotes before committing to a towing company. This way you can have a good idea of what is a fair price.

3. Transfer Location

You may be able to save money and possibly even get your car more quickly if you are able to bring the car to the tow driver and then pick it up from a central location at the end. This is especially true for multi-car carrier services, as it saves the driver time if they don't have to go to each house to pick up the cars booked on their load. 

4. Transit Protection

Verify that steps will be taken to protect your car during transit. Ideally, this means that the car will be tarped to protect it from weathering damage as well as possible rock chips from debris on the road. Some services will also cover tires and secure interior mechanisms to prevent damage during transit.

5. Insurance

Verify that your insurance will cover any damage that could occur to your car while it is being towed. Some policies may not cover long-distance tows unless you add a rider on for the coverage. The tow company may also provide a liability policy that covers any possible damages. 

Contact an tow truck company for more assistance.