Towing Services: All You Need to Know

Imagine a situation where you're driving in the middle of nowhere, and your car breaks down completely. Where will you start? Who will you call? The process of calling friends for help or depending on the goodwill of other motorists is sometimes an effort in futility. Have you ever considered using towing services? This article gives you an overview of what towing services are and why they are typically your best option when you need assistance moving your vehicle.

What are Towing Services?

Towing is the process of moving your vehicle from one point to another with the assistance of another car called a tow truck or a breakdown. Towing service is the help you get when you cannot move your vehicle on your own. Examples of circumstances that may need you to call for towing services include flat tire, wreckage because of an accident, being stuck in the mud or snow, and complete engine breakdown.

Different Type of Towing Available For You

The type of towing services you need depends on the nature of the breakdown and the kind of vehicles involved.  Below are different types of towering depending on your need:

1. Flatbed Towing 

Flatbed towing is one of the most common types of towing services. This service involves using a hydraulic winch to move your vehicle into a low flatbed truck for transportation. You should call for flatbed hauling when your car has completely broken down, and you cannot drive it, especially when pulled for a long distance. You can also use towing services when you need to deliver a vehicle from one person to, e.g., a buyer to a seller.

2. Off-Road Towing

You'll need off-road towing service when you find yourself stuck in places your vehicle cannot navigate. Depending on the situation, the towing company will use a winch, a hook, or a tow strap to pull you out of the problem. When you are stuck in the snow, a ditch, in the mud, or the bush, off-road towing is your best solution.

3. Light or Medium Duty Towing

Light and medium towing services apply to small or medium-sized vehicles. Many people use these vehicles, hence a high likelihood of the frequency of breakdowns. For that reason, medium or light towing services are the most readily available towing service. This service is suitable for you in situations like when your battery or gas runs out. 

4. Heavy-Duty Towing 

Heavy-duty towing is the transportation of large vehicles or heavy loads, e.g., tractors and large container trucks. Towing companies use wreckers with larger heavy-duty hydraulic winches than those used in medium-duty pulling for this service. Transporting and assembling wreckers for this type of service takes time, as it needs to be done carefully to not damage the vehicle. This means you should accurately describe your vehicle when requesting towing services to ensure you get the right tow truck for the job. Such clarity in communication makes towing quicker and more efficient.