3 Things To Do When Your RV Breaks Down On The Side Of The Road

While you may hope that it never happens, you cannot predict whether or not you will ever find yourself stranded in your RV on the side of the road. It can put a small damper on your adventure, but it will be less stressful for you if you already know what you should do. To be prepared for such an occurrence, you will want to review the following advice:

Get Everything Set Up Safely

Sure, your RV is a fairly large vehicle compared to a lot of the other vehicles on the road, but that does not mean that you can skip the safety precautions that need to be taken in the event of a breakdown. If possible, you will want to slowly drift the RV as far off of the side of the road as possible, especially if you are on the side of a busy highway. Put on your emergency flashers, and get out the emergency road flares if you have any. If you do not want to keep road flares in the RV for whatever reason, you can keep bright orange traffic cones in a storage compartment. The idea is to make sure other drivers and the heavy-duty tow truck driver will be able to easily spot your RV and will know that you are experiencing issues. This gives drivers the chance to move over a lane if they are able to so they do not get too close to your RV.

Call For A Tow Truck

It is very important to make sure that you are specifically calling for a heavy-duty tow truck. Whether you are calling your emergency roadside assistance company that you have a membership with or you are calling a random tow company in the area, you need to let them know that it is an RV that needs to be towed. Even if you simply need help changing a flat tire, you need to let them know you are in an RV because a much stronger automotive jack will be needed in order to safely lift the RV high enough to change the tire. Contact a local heavy-duty towing service, such as Jensen Towing, to learn more.

Find A Suitable Repair Shop

You want to make sure that you are calling around to the different mechanic shops in the area so you can find the one that can best handle your needs. Remember, not all shops will be able to work on your RV as they might not have the proper lifts in their garage to get under your RV if needed. Gather the address for the repair shop well before the heavy-duty tow truck arrives, as you need to be able to provide them with an address so they know where they are going with your RV.

You should now find that you are a little more prepared for any potential problems or breakdowns while traveling in your RV.