Questions To Ask A Tow Truck Company

It doesn't matter whether you are in an accident or require roadside assistance. it's important to hire the right tow truck company. Before hiring a tow truck service, you should ask the right questions to ensure they meet your expectations. Here are some basic questions you should ask a tow truck service.

How Do You Prioritize Jobs? 

Before hiring a tow truck service, you should determine how they respond to queries. When a tow truck service gets a distress call, they prioritize the jobs accordingly. For example, a call for roadside assistance might not be more important than a call from a driver involved in a grisly road accident. 

Make sure you inquire how the tow truck service handles situations. Establish how long it will take for the tow truck service to arrive. The tow truck company should give you an accurate timeline based on their prior service calls.

What Kind of Trucks Do You Have?

The four primary tow trucks used by tow services are a hook and chain, flatbed, integrated, and wheel lift truck. Using the wrong truck to move your car could lead to expensive damages.

For example, a hook and chain truck should be used on severely damaged vehicles. However, a wheel lift truck is suited for small and full-size cars. A flatbed tow truck should be used on 4X4 wheel drive since these cars are easily damaged by a wheel lift tow truck. 

Flatbeds are also suited for SUVs and pick-ups. An integrated truck is for larger vehicles like big rigs, buses, and commercial cars. Make sure you inquire from your tow truck company about the vehicle they will use to move your car.

What Safety Precautions Will You Follow?

Many tow truck companies take certain security measures to prevent criminals from pretending to be them. Therefore, to confirm a tow truck driver's identity, there must be some form of communication.

For example, the truck service could send pictures of the employee assigned to help you or call you when their team arrives. Make sure you choose a tow truck company that takes such security precautions.

Where Are You Towing the Car To? 

One of the most important questions to ask a tow truck service is where they are moving your car. You should inquire about their distance limits. If you are in a foreign area and don't know any mechanic shop, you should ask for the tow truck to give you recommendations. Alternatively, you could inquire whether the tow truck service has a garage where they can repair your vehicle.

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